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I would like to welcome you to my Lethbridge real estate website. My goal is to answer all of your questions about listing your home for sale, purchasing a house to live in, or investing in Lethbridge properties.

I know there are a lot of places you can go online for information, but I pride myself on personal service and obtaining the best possible deal for you, which meets your needs but also makes you money.  I encourage you to stop wasting time surfing countless crappy Lethbridge real estate websites and just call me directly.  Because I have worked as a Realtor®, a real estate broker, a relocations expert, a property manager, and a mortgage broker within the past 23 years, I almost always have access to homes not yet on the market, estate sales, private sales, pending foreclosures, etc.  This is where you will find your best deal, and none of my properties will be on the MLS® system.  You won't find any other Lethbridge REALTOR or Agent who has access to these properties which I list Exclusively for sale.  Call me and lets talk about what it takes to find deals your friends can only dream about getting.  403-330-3039. Robert W May - Real Estate Broker. 

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The Lethbridge real estate market is made up of diverse and interesting communities and neighborhoods. I’ll tell you about each of them and let you narrow your search to the very best for you.  Don't waste your time looking at bad houses in bad neighborhoods with bad salespeople, let me help you make a much smarter investment of your time and money.

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The truth is that the best deals on Lethbridge homes that I come across I sell to clients I already know are looking.  I usually don't actually have time to waste uploading them on here and hoping a buyer comes along on the internet, I wish I did.  I have always believed that all of the best properties are sold long before they ever appear in the paper or other media.  Likewise, when I list a property for sale I actually sell it!  For some real estate people this is unheard of.  Many of them simply list a house and then hope and pray another agent brings a buyer.  Unlike that strategy, I actually find buyers for my listings.  I sell the properties I list, this is part of the reason I list them all Exclusively. 

I encourage you if you are serious about buying or selling and want to get the maximum value, you should contact me directly.  In over two decades of clients, contacts, and industry connections, I pride myself on obtaining deals that nobody else in the local Lethbridge real estate industry even encounters.  This includes bank reposessions, rental properties, professional relocations, and my own exclusive client list of property owners, every one of them I list Exclusively and no other Agent or REALTOR in Lethbridge even has access to them.  Let me help you, Call me 403-330-3039.



*Lethbridge Alberta is home to some of the best real estate deals in all of Canada.  This small city offers affordable single family houses, duplex, condo, and acreage properties for reasonable prices and a cheap cost of living.  The community is well designed, has a strong employment market, and is a great place to raise a family.  The city is the hub of southern Alberta and is home to many students who are looking for accomodations to attend the University or the College.  There is also a large number of retired seniors who move to Lethbridge for the many wonderul services and facilities that meet their needs. 

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Lethbridge Real Estate Basement Suites

One of the most popular lethbridge real estate investments is to purchase a single family home that has a suite in the basement.  These types of properties can either be used as pure revenue properties which generate 2 suites of income or quite often the owner lives in one suite and rents out the other and uses that income to offset the mortg ...

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Lethbridge Condo Real Estate

Lethbridge Condos may provide great bang for the buck, inexpensive amenities and low-maintenance, but this is accomplished through all of the homeowners in the building working as a cooperative.  Often, condominium buyers and their Lethbridge Realtor do not give enough consideration to the quality of the Condominium Homeowners Association or C ...

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Do You Want to View Lethbridge Real Estate Today

Occassionally I get phone calls from clients who ask if they can view lethbridge real estate on short notice.  Sometimes they call because they drove past a sign on the front yard of a home that interested them, other times they came across an advertisement either online or in a real estate publication that sounds "too good to be true" and the ...

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New Lethbridge Real Estate Listing

  Lethbridge Real Estate Listing: Like new West side 1400 square foot home located on a massive pie shaped back yard, with alley access on a very quiet crescent. This Lethbridge home is just waiting for a buyer who wants to build a triple garage or shop out back, but still have room for a yard and the existing dog run. The house features 3 bed ...

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Lethbridge Real Estate Foreclosure What to do

Lethbridge real estate foreclosure prevention - what to do about a foreclosure notice from a lawyer Due to a large variety of circumstances, many homeowners find themselves faced with financial difficulties or challenges in their lives which result in them missing their mortgage payments.  Of course this is hardly ever intentional, but it can ...

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Lethbridge Home Search

Some buyers like to search and view properties online.  This is fine if you are not serious about buying, but is a complete waste of time for anyone looking for a "good deal".  The best priced houses may be sold before they make it onto the Lethbidge MLS® or may not ever be listed there at all.  


But if you are really serious and in fact do not want to waste time or money, call me directly and let me know what you need.  403-330-3039 Robert W. May - Lethbridge Real Estate Broker.



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