Communities In and Around The Area

The Lethbridge real estate markets are made up of many smaller communities and neighborhoods. These present variety and each has its own unique characteristics. Whether it’s location and what’s in the neighborhood or nearby, or it’s simply the price ranges of the homes in the area, there will be differences and I want to help my site visitors to understand those differences and use the information here in making lifestyle decisions.

Use my neighborhood profiles here and map resources to determine the best areas for you, or just to familiarize yourself with the Lethbridge real estate markets from a “neighborhood–up” approach. Knowing the amenities and culture of these various neighborhoods will give you a better perspective on living in the Lethbridge real estate markets, or in selling your home’s neighborhood to potential buyers.


Here are some generalizations that influence real estate in Lethbridge:


South Lethbridge:  this area has the lowest number of active houses for sale always and has for the past 25 years.  The area is characterized my older neighborhoods, lots of trees, a high density of schools and churches, and easy access to the most desirable commercial and recreational activities.  Southside is where the "old money" in Lethbirdge has always lived.  There is a huge shortage of new lots on this side of town, thus demand keeps prices higher than the rest.


West Lethbridge:  this area is primarily driven by the University.  Lots of rental properties for students, lots of illegal basement suites for students, and lots of cheap single family homes for students.  Becuase this area is newly developed, it has been done with lots of green strips, lots of parks, and lots of cheaply built new homes.  This part of Lethbridge looks like suburbia in any major city.  The homes are cheaply built, too close together, and there has always been a lack of commercial development.  However, the majority of the new building has been here, there are lots of cheap lots, and the large amount of green space makes housing cheap and attracts young families.  If you have kids, this makes the westside a popular choice.


Northside: this area has always had a bit of a struggle compared to the rest of the city.  Lots of low income rentals, high density wartime houses, and lots of multifamily has been a detriment to the area.  The industrial park is on the Northside, and while it provides hundreds of jobs, it has always seemed like the factory workers lived on the Northside but the managers and owners lived elsewhere.  There are some newer areas of the Northside that have challenged that trend, and there is some more recent development trying to change that perception, but the reality of the Lethbridge market is that unless a buyer's employment is Northside, they most likely will buy elsewhere.  Hopefully with new development this will change, but for now prices on the North side of Lethbridge are the cheapest and demand is the lowest in the city.