Do You Want to View Lethbridge Real Estate Today

Do You Want to View Lethbridge Real Estate Today

Occassionally I get phone calls from clients who ask if they can view lethbridge real estate on short notice.  Sometimes they call because they drove past a sign on the front yard of a home that interested them, other times they came across an advertisement either online or in a real estate publication that sounds "too good to be true" and they just feel they need to check it out.  When I get these calls it is always a challenge and here are the reasons why.


First off, I want to help you and service you as a client.  It is what I do best, but I don't like to waste your time or mine, or that of other real estate professionals, or even their clients.  By that I mean that I don't want to spend an hour or more driving around to show you the interior of a house unless you are ready, willing, and capable of buyiing it.  If you have to sell your existing home before you can make an offer, then you are wasting time looking.  If you do not have your downpayment arranged and are able to write a cheque or bank draft for that amount, you are wasting time.  If you have not prearranged your financing either at your bank or with a mortgage broker, then you are wasting time.  If you can't commit to buyiing a home without consulting friends, family, or people who are not in the car with us, then you are wasting time.

So when a client calls me, it is not that I don't instantly want to help them, or to take them out and show them some property.  It is just that I want to make sure that they have done their homework, that they don't waste anyone's time, and that they are sincerely interested in purchasing that property.  My priority each day is to help sell the properties of the clients that I have listed and to help my preapproved buyers find and get a deal on a property that meets their needs.  So if you are just curious about design and decor, if you just like to look at show  homes and see how they are decorated, if you just want to kill time on a saturday, please do it online or by yourself.  However, if you are seriously interested in buying a house, have your finances in order to do so, then by all means call me and lets view lethbridge real estate together and find you that dream home at a bargain price.

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