Expired Real Estate Listing in Lethbridge

Expired Real Estate Listing in Lethbridge

Expired Listing - Have you tried to sell your home in the past?  Maybe you had it listed for sale privately "for sale by owner" and realized that all the people who called you were just tire kickers, or lookers, or worse yet they were some kind of real estate scavengers or criminals who prey upon homeowners who they hope they can victimize.  Perhaps you had it listed with a Lethbridge REALTOR and they didn't do nearly as much for you as they told you they would do, or that you would expect they would do for the thousands of dollars in real estate commissions you were prepared to pay them.  Either way, you now find yourself still owning real estate that you had hoped would be sold months ago and wondering what to do next.


     Since joining the real estate industry in 1993 I have helped hundreds of people just like you.  I have helped so many clients who had properties which they previously tried to sell on their own or with some random REALTOR who was a disappointment.  When they finally make contact with me it is usually because a friend of theirs has recommended me to provide them with solution to their real estate problem.  Sometimes that is selling the house, sometimes it is putting a long term tenant in the home, sometimes it might be to trade the home to a new home builder or property investor, or maybe I just simply help you refinance the property and get your equity out so you can do other things with it.  The point is, there are often several solutions to what to do with an expired real estate listing.


     If you talk to some real estate professionals about expired listings, the first thing they will suggest is that your price was too high.  This might be true, but i'm sure it isn't in all cases.  Maybe the person selling the home was just not very good at selling?  Maybe the person marketing the home was just not very good at marketing?  Maybe the real estate person you entrusted with the listing just wasn't that great at their job?  Maybe they just put your home on the Lethbridge MLS and were hoping someone else would do all the work and sell it?  Who knows what the answer or excuse is, but at this point it really doesn't matter.  The bottom line is that you want it sold or dealt with and do not likely want to repeat the same thing that has already happened.


     Expired listings are something which happens to many agents in the Lethbridge real estate industry, but they happen far more often to some agents than to others.  For example, in 2015 i had zero expired listings, every home I personally listed sold.  The same thing happened in 2014, once again every property that I listed for an owner sold.  In fact, I actually cannot remember the last property that I listed that did not sell, I know I have had some in the past 23 years I have been in real estate, but it has been YEARS since it has happened.  


     I attribute that fact that all of my listings sell to the fact that I treat my clients like we are partners.  We are on the same team.  I am working with you and we are trying to get your home sold and money in your pocket.   Because we are both working towards the same goal it is easy for us to be constantly moving towards it and making decisions which help us achieve it.  This means we price it right, we market it to actual real buyers, we qualify the people who want to look at it, we keep your personal property and your personal information private and protected, and we actually sell your home.  I don't need an assistant to do this and it certainly doesn't take a team of agents sitting around an office all day.  It simply takes you and me working together and making it happen.


     If you own Lethbridge real estate and are serious about getting it listed and sold, give me a call.  It costs you nothing to meet with me and to learn how my style of business is so much different than most others.  Lets get your property sold. 


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