Lethbridge Parade of Homes

Lethbridge Parade of Homes

Lethbridge Parade of homes is a week long event where the local new home builders in Lethbridge all work together to bring as many buyers and lookers out to view the new subdivisions and show off their new floor plans.  During this event the featured new houses are all staged with custom furnishing and decor, and are all staffed by salespeople who work for the builders and can answer any questions that you might have.  For many prospective new home buyers, this is their first opportunity to get into such a variet of houses in a range of prices and in many newly developed subdivisions.  For the new home builders, it is their prime opportunity to show off their best floor plans and to try to entice buyers to commit to building a new home right away.  This is the #1 week of the year for local buyers (not those who are relocating to Lethbridge) to get out and go shopping.

There are pros and cons associated with shopping for a home during the Lethbridge Parade of Homes.  The biggest benefits are the ease at which you can view so many homes in many subdivisions without having to make an appointment or schedule.  You can simply drive around and check them all out at leisure over the week.  This is a great convenience for many people and the key reason that so many people go out and look at these properties.  The second most important reason this week is popular is that because there are so many other people streaming through the show homes, a visitor can often view them without feeling pressured by the salespeople at the showhome, as they are often having to deal with dozens of questions from the many visitors.


There is however a downside to looking at homes during the Lethbridge Parade of Homes.  First off, the homes are busy.  Not just with potential homebuyers, but with lots of people who are just curious or looking for decorating ideas, or who are just out socializing and wasting time.  As such, parking is a problem, crowds are a problem, and if you are genuinely interested in a home or have a relevant question, it can certainly be more difficult to get an answer from the busy staff.  Basically, serious home shoppers get lost in the shuffle of all the lookers.


The second potential drawback to shopping during the Lethbridge Parade of Homes is that the homes are all professionally staged and are made to look like an 11 out of 10.  For these particular new houses, the added features the builder wants to show off, as well as the professional decorating and design they add in, makes these homes appear much better than what you will usually get when you buy a standard new home from the same builder.  This can often lead to disappointment when your new home doesn't compare to the one that convinced you to build a new home in the first place.  I have seen many real estate purchasers who are disappointed with their new build for this reason.

The last reason that I want to mention why I am not a fan of shopping for a new home during the Lethbridge Parade of Homes is that the new home builders are hoping that they can sell you a home without you having a real estate professional representing you.  They want to sell to you directly.  Why do they want to do this?  Two reasons that I can think of are: 1. they don't have to pay a commission to a real estate agent, and 2. they can take advantage of your inexperience and lack of knowledge about buying a home to make a few extra dollars or cut corners without you knowing it.

Let me be really clear about one thing because this is important for buyers.  The price of a new home from the New Home Builders is the same regardless of whether you have a professional real estate representative working for you or you buy directly from one of the builders employees.  The key difference is that if you buy from a builder's salesperson, that new home salesperson is working exclusively for the new home builder, not for you, they have no obligation or desire to help you get a better deal, to help you save money, or to help you avoid being taken advantage of.  It is no different than walking onto any Car Lot, you know the salesperson represents only the seller and the seller's interests.  This is why it is imperative that you have a professional real estate person working for you, representing you  in your interaction with the builder, and ensuring that your transaction is fair to you.  Make sure you have a Lethbridge real estate professional representing you before you go shopping for a new home.  It will cost you nothing and could potentially save you thousands of dollars and a ton of stress.  This is more important than even having a good real estate lawyer.

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