Lethbridge Real Estate Foreclosure What to do

Lethbridge Real Estate Foreclosure What to do

Lethbridge real estate foreclosure prevention - what to do about a foreclosure notice from a lawyer

Due to a large variety of circumstances, many homeowners find themselves faced with financial difficulties or challenges in their lives which result in them missing their mortgage payments.  Of course this is hardly ever intentional, but it can and does sometimes happen nonetheless.  As someone who has worked as a Lethbridge mortgage broker and as a Lethbridge real estate broker for many years now, I have substantial experience in dealing with the situation of being behind in your mortgage payments and receiving foreclosure notice from your mortgage company or bank.


If you receive a letter from a real estate lawyer representing your mortgage company and telling you that they are starting legal action against you to foreclose on your Lethbridge house, you should contact me immediately.  Seriously, don't even bother to read the rest of this blog, just contact me by phone right now.  The legal process of foreclosure is stressful and expensive.  It will not be a pleasant experience and the longer you avoid dealing with it the more painful it will be financially and emotionally.  Contact me asap if you need help dealing with this situation.


When a home owner contacts me and tells me that they have received a foreclosure notice, I always do a few specific things and ask the same set of questions.  The first goal I have when the owner contacts me is to prevent you from incurring legal fees as much as I possibly can.  Many times this involves me contacting your bank and your bank's foreclosure lawyer and alerting them to the fact that you now have professional real estate help working to resolve the problem.  Due to my many years of experience in doing this, many of the law offices know who I am and what I do and they will respond favorably by slowing or pausing the foreclosure proceedings against you, while at the same time giving me time to help solve the problem.  This is a professional courtesy that the foreclosure law office will show you and me, if we are indeed sincere and working to resolve this issue as quickly as we can.  This requires that we work together and come up with a solution.  Sometimes that solution involves slowly catching up on missed payment, sometimes that solution could be arranging additional financing to pay any mortgage arrears, sometimes it involves helping you sell your house and relocating so that you can pay off any outstanding debt or mortgage you may have.  Regardless of the solution, you will find that it is much easier and less stressful when you enlist professional help like me.


If you or a friend or family member is facing foreclosure on your Lethbridge real estate, it is imperative that you act quickly and put a half to the rapidly growing interest and legal fees which will be added on to the amount you are behind in your payments.  This deby can grow by thousands of dollars in just 1 day of billing by the foreclosure lawyer, which is why acting immediately is so important.  Let me help you deal with and resolve your real estate problems, call me Robert May - Lethbridge real estate expert.

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