Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyers

Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyers

Often time the first occasion the average person has to require the services of a Lethbridge lawyer is when they purchase their first home.  The lawyer they select to handle the house purchase might end up being their lawyer for life, so whomever they select or whichever law firm is sort of important.


In most residential real estate transactions the role of the lawyer is quite limited.  For a purchaser, the real estate lawyer simply makes sure the home you are purchasing is provided to you with a clear title, collects and holds your real estate down payment, that the seller has provided you with any documents your contract stipulates you are to have, and registers any mortgage or financing that you have utilized to make the purchase.  In fact, all of this work is done by the real estate lawyers conveyancing secretary, and the lawyer likely does not even view the transaction or the paperwork until your appointment to actually sign the document, unless of course there is some sort of problem or anomoly with your transaction.


For a seller, the law office does even less.  Because there is no new mortgage to register, the lawyer acting on behalf of a seller pretty much just collects the money from the purchaser's lawyer, ensures that any loans or leins you have against the property get paid out, and provides you with a copy of the title and your remaining money.  Once again, this is providing that there is not some sort of difficulty or problem with your transaction, and once again all of this work is handled by the real estate conveyancing secretary and not ususally by the lawyer at all.


So how do you pick a good real estate lawyer in Lethbridge?  There are something like 20 different law office to choose from, most of whom would welcome new business.  The key is to pick a law office that meets your needs, that you are comfortable with, that has lots of experience with real estate, and that has a good real estate conveyancing department.


You will notice that I say nothing about trying to choose a lawyer who is the cheapest or who will give you a deal.  The reason behind this is that a real estate transaction is a pretty standard service and you will find that most of the law offices in Lethbridge charge roughly the exact same amount.  You might save $50 is you spend the day phoning around, but for the most part the prices are going to be so similar that it is not worth the effort and you should pick a good one even if it costs $50 more.


If you need help selecting one or would like some recommendations based upon the experiences I have seen my hundreds of clients have over the past 22 years, just  send me an email or text and ask.  It is probably not so much about which of the good ones you choose, and perhaps more that you avoid some of the lawyers who just don't seem to be fast or efficient at making real estate transactions happen.

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