Relocating To Lethbridge

Relocating To Lethbridge

As someone involved with Lethbridge real estate for over 2 decades, I have helped countless numbers of people relocate to our city or to assist them with their relocation out of Lethbridge.  For many of these customers, their story is the same.  Some are being send here by their employer, some come here looking for specific work, or to attend our Lethbridge College or the University of Lethbridge, some come here just looking to live in a more family friendly and affordable urban center.  Depending where they are coming from, their concerns vary substantially.

 Some might ask, Where is Lethbridge?  A quick google search will take you to a map and show you, but it really doesn't put it in perspective.  Lethbridge is just an hour north of the USA border, just 2 hours south of the global economic city of Calgary, just an hour east of the Rocky Mountains.  It is a convenient and central spot in the province of Alberta, which give easy access to so many things.

Some who relocate to Lethbridge from larger cites such as Vancouver or Toronto are shocked at how affordable Lethbridge homes are.  They can't believe that you can get a brand new home directly from the homebuilder, choose your own colors, customize the floorplan, and do this for $300,000.  The same home in a big city might cost $500,000 or $600,000,be located an hour from the city center, and be on tiny lot with no yard.  This is a huge incentive for a first time home buyer to move to this area.


Real estate prices in Lethbridge are affordable.  As well, the majority of the homes here are spacious and well constructed.  They are energy efficient and designed to survive and keep you comfortable through our season weather fluctuations.  Houses in our city present a good value for local residents and more recently for real estate investors who might be looking to buy revenue properties or to park their money in a stable and secure asset.


Of course there are many other things that are attractive about relocating to Lethbridge other than just the houses.  This city has a very small town atmosphere, is affordable, friendly, and close to lots of outdoor recreational activities.  The large number of seniors and students has attracted many services which target those demographics but which everyone in the town is able to take advantage of.


If you are thinking of relocating to Lethbridge, Alberta and have questions get in contact with me.  I have worked with our regional tourism non-profit for many years and so am very familiar with the answers to the most common questions you might have.  I also work with one of the largest relocation companies in the USA to help them with their staff relocations to this region, so this is something which I have experience with. 



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