Selling Your Home At Christmas

Selling Your Home At Christmas

Many homeowners wonder if Christmas time is a good time to sell their home.  I have been asked this question many times over the past 20 years and also heard it asked of many other real estate professionals.  Often times I hear the response that "it is too cold"  or "nobody wants to look at houses in the snow"  or "nobody wants to spend their holiday season shopping for a house".  And, while these are all potentially accurate answers, they are all incorrect.


Every month there are a small number of buyers and sellers in the Lethbridge real estate market who MUST buy or sell.  This could be divorce situations, estate sales, bank foreclosures, court ordered sales, or even job relocations.  The reality is that people's financial situation changes in any month, not just when it is warm and sunny outside.  In addition, often these types of sales present some of the best bargains on homes compared to the rest of the year.


If you are a Lethbridge homeowner who is thinking of selling, yes you will likely get much less showings than you would if you had your home available on the market during the Spring Parade of Homes week.  However, the few people that do show interest in your house are the ones who are serious about buying.  You are not wasting your time dealing with people who are just out browsing houses because the weather is nice and they want to check out your landscaping or decorating.  Anyone who will get in the car and go see your listing in the dead of winter, and yes even during the Christmas holidays, is clearly likely to be a more serious and interested buyer.  So let them in, don't disrupt your family too much, but do not decline the showing.

If your home shows all festive and decorated it will not hurt one bit.  But missing a showing from a potential buyer who needs to find a home to buy ASAP would be a big mistake.  So in all my years I have found that December and January are my favorite months of the year to go shopping for Lethbridge real estate.

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